New Addington Salvation Army Community Church

What We Believe

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church operating in over 120 countries and in the UK, is a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

If you’d like to read a full statement of The Salvation Army’s beliefs, check out The Salvation Army’s main website –

If you’d prefer the potted version, in short, we believe in God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that God revealed himself to humankind through Jesus, who was born, lived, taught, healed, died and rose again, and whose life, death and resurrection are the key events in human history and are personally relevant to us today.

We believe that through Jesus, humankind can relate to God in ways which transform our lives and our world.

We believe that Jesus will one day return to the earth as the ultimate culmination of God’s work in human history, but until that day, it is the role of the church (which is not a building or an institution, but is the followers of the way of Jesus) to partner with God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, in his mission of healing, restoration and transformation through grace, mercy and love.

We also believe that the local church should be relevant to its community, and that when we meet for worship, that time should be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, it should be uplifting, challenging, encouraging and ultimately, transformative. Our worship services are relaxed and informal – we don’t stress over children (or adults for that matter!) making noise or needing to move about a bit. We’re a family, and we love each other and welcome others to join us on our journey.